Physiotherapy Upminster

Physiotherapy Upminster

When you have an ache or pain, why not come get your issues fixed by the best physiotherapy Upminster has to offer!

Of course, saying that we are the best is quite a huge claim, and we understand that, which is why we are happy to justify…

We are well known in the Upminster area for giving truly high quality physiotherapy sessions that can leave you feeling refreshed and all the issues you previously had gone. We find that many knee and back problems are caused by incorrect foot function and as such can hugely benefit from the physiotherapy service we offer.

All of the people who will be working with you are fully qualified with many years of experience, this ensures that the service you will get Is top notch and you feel valued as a client.

We offer services for…
• Musculoskeletal problems
• Neurological problems
• Pre and post-operation therapy
• Physiotherapy for pregnancy
• Back and neck problems
• Spinal problems
• Tendon injury
• Joint, muscle and nerve pain
• Injuries arising from road traffic accidents
• Advice on respiratory and cardiology conditions
• Sports injuries
• Hand problems
• Electrotherapy
• Pre and post-operative rehabilitation

Don’t take our word for it, Luke from Mobility Aids had this to say…
“As someone who had chronic back and knee pain, I found working to be very difficult, I paid hundreds for full body massages that only relieved the symptoms, while the first time I went to Oakfield, they picked it up straight away and were fixing my issue shortly after, I couldn’t recommend them more!”

So as you can see, if you’re looking for the best physiotherapy Upminster has to offer, then Oakfield Physiotherapy Clinic is for you! We are easily available or you can call us on 01375 396 193 or 01375 387 298

best physiotherapy Upminster has to offer.
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