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Physiotherapy Chelmsford

Our physiotherapy Chelmsford service is one the best physiotherapy services not just in Chelmsford but in the Essex area as a whole thanks to our professional physiotherapists who are the best in the area and are extremely supportive to all of your physiotherapy needs!

Who would benefit from our Physiotherapy Chelmsford Service?

Physiotherapy is a very common and well known practice that can be extremely helpful for many people with a very wide range of health conditions, and can help with ailments such as:

Lungs and Breathing issues such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is where the lungs become inflamed and damaged and narrowed, while commonly caused by smoking, this can be gotten even when you have never smoked, and most doctors recommend physiotherapy to help with this. 
Brain or nervous system ailments such as strokes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease; any ailment that can cause any movement problems.

Heart and circulation issues such as the rehabilitation that is often required during the rehabilitation and recovery of a person who has recently suffered from a heart attack.

General bones, joints and soft tissues that essentially mean any bodily pains such as back pains, neck pains, shoulder pains or any sport injury.

As you can see physiotherapy has an extremely wide range of uses and we are well know within the physiotherapy Chelmsford area for our skilled workers, fantastic service and great prices! 

Direct referral to consultant surgeons or physicians is available where appropriate. MRI and all other types of scans can be arranged on a self-funding basis and results are normally available within 5 days. The clinic is recognised by all health insurance companies and has established excellent relationships with local G.P. practices and consultants in the private sector. We also provide direct access for scans with discounted rates and same week service.
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