Physiotherapy Basildon

Physiotherapy Basildon 

If you’re looking for some good physiotherapy Basildon is a great area for it, this is because we as Oakfield Physiotherapy Clinic are based within this area!

Our physiotherapy is the best around, this is because, unlike our other physiotherapy competitors in the Basildon area, we are extremely well trained with years of experience, this allows for us to offer you the best possible physiotherapy service which will leave you feeling far better.

Thanks to our many years of industry experience, we can assure you that we will more than likely have experience with your specific problem, whether it be as simple as a back ache, all the way to brain or nervous system issues such as Parkinson’s, we have helped to remedy it, ensuring you are making the right choice by coming to us for all your physiotherapy needs.

Don’t take our word for it though! Connor from strip 3d has this to say:
“I had issues with my back that were caused by a fracture when I fell of a ladder while working, with the help of the physiotherapy treatment from Oakfield physiotherapy, I was quickly back on my feet and working”

We are easily available via all forms of public transport from anywhere within the London or Essex area, and as such are easy to get to. To learn more you can either contact us via our enquiry form, or you can also give us a call on 01375 396 193 or 01375 387 298 or send us an email to, so if you want the best physiotherapy Basildon can offer then come and book a slot!

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