Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage

When it comes to the art of the full body massage, we at Oakfield Physiotherapy clinic are the ones to go to, this is due to the fact that we simply have more qualifications and experience, this as such allows us to use our skills and experience to perform the best full body massages you are likely to ever receive!

While we offer many massages that are leaning more on the practical sides, such as the best physiotherapy southend can offer as part of our physiotherapy service, our full body massage service is more of a therapeutic massage – a massage that is more for relaxation but while still having health benefits.

These massages last for around 50 minutes, in which your back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck, (and for men, pectoral muscles in the chest) are massaged with more time being spent on some parts if you request (useful for problem areas).
You generally start face down and the therapist starts with your back and shoulder, then moves down the body. Once you flip over, the therapist works her way back up your body, usually ending with neck and shoulders and sometimes the scalp.

These massages are great for tension or knots in your muscles, thanks to the rise of office jobs and sitting in chairs, many of us have tension in our backs, necks and shoulders, which can be concentrated on and alleviated within a full body massage. 

If this all sounds good to you, then get in touch about booking the best full body massage you will every receive!

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